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The 2006 Texas State Championship was held March 31-April 2 in Memorial Park and hosted by the Houston Croquet Association. A good field was on hand as three of the past State Champions participated. Weather was good for the event and the lawns played well.

Championship block play was dominated by former champion Johnny Mitchell who went undefeated with seven wins. On his heels were former two time winner John Dill with five wins followed closely by former champ Bill Hixon, Jeff Caldwell and Bob Chilton, each with four wins. In the playoff ladder, Chilton was eliminated when he came up against Mitchell after defeating Anne Coco and lost in a 24-13 battle sending Mitchell into the finals. On the other side of the ladder, Hixon worked his way through with wins over Jack Scott, Caldwell and second seed Dill to make the final round. In the finals, Mitchell appeared to continue his winning performance as he jumped out to a commanding lead but faltered trying a difficult passroll peel. That was all Hixon needed. With time running out, he continued his momentum and took the lead and won with a close 22-20 final score.

First Flight Block Play was hard fought with John Watson taking the first seed position undefeated with six wins followed closely by Bill Copeland who suffered only one loss to Watson. The third seeded position was taken by Lee Hamel who had only two losses. The playoff ladder showed that block play was a good indicator of the finish as Copeland defeated Hamel to face Watson. Watson showed his determination to keep up his winning ways in a very close battle resulting in a close 11-9 win.

Final Results 


Championship Flight 

  1. Bill Hixon

  2. Johnny Mitchell

  3. John Dill

  4. Bob Chilton

  5. Jeff Caldwell

    tie  Anne Coco

    7.  Jack Scott

         Margot Leonard


First Flight 

  1. John Watson

  2. Bill Copeland

  3. Lee Hamel

  4. Harold Menzel

   tie   Suzan Copeland

    6.   Donna Dixon

          George Blackburn

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