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Houston Croquet Association's

Challenge Ladder

(American Rules)


Johnny Mitchell

Dayal Gunasekera

Bill Hixon

Joe King

Margot Leonard

Anne Coco

Ross Selvaggi

John Watson

Lee Slataper

Lee Hamel

George Peterkin, Jr.

George Peterkin III

Donna Dixon

Paul Chan

Nancy Japhet

Bob Pulitzer

Frank Dixon

Dan Japhet

Peggy Weaver

Walter Williams

Susan Garwood

Mike May

Bob Gerry

Warren Pond

Billy Fitch

Matt Wareing

Nancy Peterkin

Stuart Coco

Wendy Selvaggi

Yvonne Mikulencak

Alec Horn

Nora Watson

Mathilde Hoefer

Betty Williams

Jon Nash

Holly Holmes

Cy Strong

Bess Wareing

Diane Strong

Mary Lou Swift

Rex Viehman

Bunni Viehman

Bob Hetherington

Barbara Hetherington


Ladder Rules


1.   There will be two ladders, one for American Rules and another for Association Rules. The initial American Rules ladder has been constructed with reference to USCA handicaps, and consultations with Johnny Mitchell and George Peterkin. The Association Rules ladder will be populated when and as challenge match results are reported.

2.   Participants must participate in at least 2 challenge matches every six months. Failure to do so will result in delisting.

3.   Participants cannot challenge players over more than two places up the ladder, except on HCA “Fun Days” when there will be no limitation.

4.   Challenge matches can be one game, best two out of three, or whatever else the participants agree on. If there is no agreement, the match will be one game.

5.   All American Rules games will be for 75 minutes. Association Rules games will be for 120 minutes. Players can agree on different time limits, but in no event should a time limit be less than one hour.

6.   All games should be played on full size courts unless played at the Bayou Club.

7.   Players will be responsible for setting up and taking down the court at Memorial Park.

8.   An American Rules booklet will be on hand in the HCA shed at Memorial Park. If there is a rules question, the players should consult the rules booklet or consult other players present. New players are encouraged to call one of the lower handicap players on the ladder to arrange to have a more experienced person available to help set up the court and resolve rules questions.

9.   Match results should be emailed to Bob Pulitzer. The ladder will be updated weekly, if there has been activity reported during the week, and will be available on the Internet.

10. Bill Hixon will position new HCA members on the ladder.

11. Players are encouraged to reserve the court at            Memorial Park.


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