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There are several versions of 6-wicket croquet, each with there own set of rules.  In the United States, most tournaments are played under USCA American Rules. These are maintained by the rules committee of the United States Croquet Association.

The Laws of Association Croquet are played throughout the world and are becoming more popular in the United States as more players are becoming interested in international play.  These are published by the Croquet Association in England.

Also increasing in popularity throughout the world is Golf Croquet.  It is a game that is easy to learn and very good for introducing new players to the game.  It does however offer some very interesting strategy and is played at a very serious level especially in Egypt.  It's rules are maintained by the World Croquet Federation.

There is also 9-wicket croquet, commonly called backyard croquet, that most people are familiar with.  The rules for this game are maintained by the United States Croquet Association.

For complete rules, follow these links.

USCA American Rules

Association Laws

Golf Croquet

9-Wicket Croquet

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